Motorola Solutions Catalog

13 WWW.ONELINKWIRELESS.COM 800-259-2929 RADIO SELECTION GUIDE CP200d radio’s intuitive design is easy to use in the dark, and even when he speaks softly, he knows that the digital AGC (Automatic Gain Control) will automatically boost the volume so he’s heard clearly back in the office. And if it comes to the worst, he can use one of the programmable side buttons to call for help – with one touch. TRANSPORTATION AND LOGISTICS Deliver goods safely and efficiently while increasing customer service with accurate, real-time information. A delivery driver uses his Motorola CM200d mobile radio to double-check an address. The visor mic and steering wheel-mounted PTT button let him communicate safely while driving. COMMERCIAL USES PORTABLE AND MOBILE RADIOS The right two-way radio can empower an entire organization by providing real-time information to your workforce. Suddenly, fleet members are more effective and informed. Individuals can make more meaningful contributions to the overall business objective. Significant savings in travel time and money are realized. Safety and efficiency are no longer mutually exclusive. Motorola Solutions has portable radios perfect for employees who work on-site in construction, education, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing and retail enterprises, as well as mobile radios perfect for employees in transportation and delivery sectors. MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS TWO-WAY RADIOS – TRANSFORMING THE ENTERPRISE, EMPOWERING THE INDIVIDUAL. Whether your workforce is comprised of employees primarily located on-site at your facility, mobile in vehicles or a combination of both, two-way radios enable your employees to stay connected. Portable radios are ideal for employees who work on-site; mobile radios are installed in vehicles and ideal for your on-the-go workforce. COMMERCIAL RADIOS A basic, easy-to-use communication solution that is ideal for construction, delivery operations, elementary and high schools, hotels, and restaurants. • Digital and Analog Models • Simple, Basic Solution for Work Team Communication • Compact Models • Display and Non-Display Models • Limited or Non-Keypad Models • Repeater Capability for Increased Coverage When Needed • Hands-Free Communication with Voice Activation • Variety of Audio and Carrying Accessories