Motorola Solutions Catalog

39 WWW.ONELINKWIRELESS.COM 800-259-2929 PORTABLE RADIO ACCESSORIES AUDIO ACCESSORIES Only Motorola offers a wealth of exclusive audio features that ensure your message is heard even in the most demanding work conditions. IMPRES TM WINDPORTING NOISE-CANCELING INTELLIGENT AUDIO AUDIO AUDIO AUDIO Ensure your voice is heard Reduce the effect of wind and Reduce the effect of Set your volume once. Depend clearer, crisper and louder other outdoor noises so your background crowd and on your accessory to listen for regardless of level or direction messages are always heard machinery noise so your changes in background noise, you’re speaking into the clearly. messages are always heard adjusting the volume accessory. clearly into the accessory. automatically so you hear every call. I hear you however I hear you, not I hear you, I hear you, even when you speak the wind not the noise you can’t hear yourself In addition to the standard audio accessory features, Motorola Solutions has developed exclusive audio capabilities for them as well. They offer a range of models to ensure optimal performance even in extreme noise or windy environments. WINDPORTING AUDIO Communicate clearly in difficult weather. Wherever you work – in howling wind, driving rain or severe weather – Windporting helps you communicate effectively and listeners hear clearly. Windporting technology eliminates the whining and howling sounds of wind blowing across your lapel/remote speaker microphone. It also prevents water from clogging the microphone for clearer transmissions. NOISE-CANCELING AUDIO Reduce the effect of background crowd and machinery noise so your messages are always heard clearly. IMPRES™ AUDIO (MOTOROLA EXCLUSIVE) Make sure every word is heard regardless of the level or direction you’re speaking into the accessory. Be clearly heard the first time and eliminate repeating yourself. Whether you need to talk loudly or quietly, into or away from the accessory, IMPRES Audio lowers the loud talker level and raises the soft talker level automatically so listeners do not have to adjust the volume depending on who is talking. Policing a busy airport, fixing equipment on a noisy production floor or assisting guests in a quiet hotel, IMPRES Audio promises a high quality communication experience. HOW DOES IMPRES™ IMPROVE AUDIO PERFORMANCE? IMPRES enhances the clarity and audio quality of Motorola accessories by reducing ambient noise and improving voice intelligibility. If you speak quietly or normally, but not directly into a microphone, IMPRES Audio detects changes in your voice and automatically adjusts the transmitted volume so your listener won’t have to adjust volume up and down. INTELLIGENT AUDIO (MOTOROLA EXCLUSIVE) Focus on your job instead of your radio volume. Make adjusting your radio volume based on background noise a thing of the past. Intelligent Audio listens to sounds in the background and automatically raises or lowers your radio volume so you can always hear. If you’re heading from a noisy area to a quiet place, you won’t disturb others because you forgot to adjust the volume. Intelligent Audio, when complemented with IMPRES Audio, takes your communications to a new level.