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47 WWW.ONELINKWIRELESS.COM 800-259-2929 WAVE™ WORK GROUP COMMUNICATIONS REAL TIME MAPPING See the location of your talkgroup members with integrated mapping. Call or message members directly from the map for fast and private communications. TEXT MESSAGING Share important details with a group or an individual. Integrated text messaging offers a silent alternative to collaboration. GETTING STARTED With no servers to buy, install or maintain, getting started with WAVE OnCloud is fast and easy. A single box on your MOTOTRBO radio system can connect all your radio talkgroups to the cloud service. 100% CLOUD BASED WAVE OnCloud is a multi-tenant service that resides on highly secure data centers. You enjoy the lower cost of a shared system and the security of a private service. There are no servers to buy, install, or maintain. EASY TO SET UP Spend less time configuring and more time communicating. With WAVE OnCloud, you can be up and running in minutes. Simply install a smartphone app and an optional gateway that connects to MOTOTRBO, and that’s it. You can add new users in seconds from an administration screen that’s accessible right from a web browser. Just drag and drop users into groups, and you’re done. REDUCE COMPLEXITY Eliminate the costs and complexity of multiple donor radio setups. A single WAVE OnCloud gateway connected to your MOTOTRBO system can connect all your talkgroups to the WAVE OnCloud service. Add and remove talkgroups through an easy-to-use configuration page. KEEP INFORMATION SAFE Encryption ensures your private communication stays that way. WAVE uses AES-256 encryption trusted by enterprises and governments around the world. IMPROVE YOUR BOTTOM LINE Make your team more productive and your customers more satisfied while controlling costs. WORK FASTER Push-to-Talk allows your team to communicate instantly, improving productivity and elevating service. WAVE OnCloud is ideal for any team that needs fast, reliable communication on multiple devices, whether you’re connecting groups, individuals, or both. With WAVE OnCloud there’s no dialing, swiping, or typing. Just push a button, then talk. It’s simple. REDUCE COSTS Pay a simple user subscription fee every month, and that’s it. Choose from a broadband-only service plan or a broadband- to-MOTOTRBO service plan. You keep costs low and predictable. And you can easily add or remove users as your needs change over time. START TALKING IN MINUTES Simply download the app onto your mobile phone to start communicating with your team. STREAMLINE YOUR COMMUNICATIONS Get PTT, text and location all from one app. While smart devices can support multiple applications, you shouldn’t have to switch between apps to communicate. YOUR DEVICE. YOUR CARRIER Works on most mobile phones over public and private networks. WAVE OnCloud is compatible with Android™ and iOS phones and any service provider with Internet access. Don’t get locked into a single carrier. Choose the phone and wireless provider best fit for each user SEAMLESS EXPERIENCE Move easily between your radio and mobile phone. GROUP AND PRIVATE PTT CALLS Monitor multiple talkgroups and talk on any as needed or privately call a member of your team. Crisp and clear audio ensures your communications are heard.