Motorola Solutions Catalog

51 WWW.ONELINKWIRELESS.COM 800-259-2929 P25 PORTABLE RADIOS APX™ 8000 P25 UNLIMITED MOBILITY. UNCOMPROMISING PERFORMANCE. P25 Operation | 4 Bands in 1 Radio | up to 20 Wi-Fi Networks Take command with a 4-in-1 radio that offers limitless interoperability, the clearest, loudest audio and seamless Wi-Fi ® connectivity. The compact, rugged and secure APX 8000 redefines mission-critical communications. With four RF bands and multi-mode system access, the APX 8000 knows no limits when it comes to interoperability. Communicate across borders using a single device. Use analog MDC 1200 or digital P25 mode, conventional or trunked operation, SmartNet or SmartZone legacy systems, clear or secure - all across 7/800MHz, VHF and UHF Range 1 & 2 bands. Whether it’s loud or windy, whether you whisper or yell, the APX 8000 adaptive audio engine and ultraloud speaker brings clarity into every conversation. The radio dynamically changes the level of noise suppression, microphone gain, windporting and speaker equalization on the fly to consistently produce the loudest, clearest audio in any environment. APX™ 8000XE P25 UNLIMITED MOBILITY. EXTREME PERFORMANCE. P25 Operation | 4 Bands in 1 Radio | up to 20 Wi-Fi Networks Firefighters said they wanted equivalent extreme features as the APX XE Series including a larger display, exaggerated control knobs and the capability to communicate with surrounding municipalities within an all-band radio solution. The APX 8000XE brings together not only these requirements, but also the integration of WiFi for programming flexibility. The APX 8000XE is redefining mission-critical communications by delivering an ultra-durable radio that combines unlimited interoperability, loud audio and secure WiFi connectivity. With a dedicated channel knob and ability to withstand 500˚F (260˚C) heat exposure, the APX XE500 Remote Speaker Microphone is the perfect companion to the APX 8000XE. When combined, the APX 8000XE All-Band Portable Radio and XE500 Remote Speaker Microphone create the ultimate mission critical solution designed for safety personnel in extreme environments. APX™ 8000HXE P25 360 DEGREES OF SAFETY P25 Operation | Flagship Radio for Fire and Rescue | Multiband Operation | Certified to Div1 HazLoc Standards As Motorola Solutions’ flagship radio for fire and rescue, the APX 8000HXE is designed for the most hazardous conditions. Because the APX 8000HXE is certified to Div1 HazLoc standards, you can be confident entering areas where unknown chemicals and gases add to an already dangerous situation. Breaking communication barriers, all-band technology connects you with other agencies and departments, no matter which frequency they’re on. And when you need to relay a message in a cacophony of alarms and sirens, the Adaptive Audio Engine dynamically adjusts the radio’s audio response for optimal clarity, every time. APX™ 8000H P25 UNLIMITED MOBILITY. UNCOMPROMISING PERFORMANCE. P25 Operation | Multiband Operation | Certified to Div1 HazLoc Standards | Rugged Specifications Motorola Solutions knows the job puts your officers in harm’s way every day. The last thing they need to worry about is safe communication. Certified to the stringent Div1 HazLoc standards, the APX 8000H is designed for use in areas where there are routinely dangerous concentrations of flammable gases, vapors, liquids or combustible dust. No heat. No sparks. No worries. Of course, communication matters too. Your officers can’t afford not to hear—or be heard. The APX 8000H has an adaptive audio engine that provides the loudest, clearest audio at any volume, in any environment. We also know that they need to connect with outside agencies, often without a moment to spare. The APX 8000H transmits and receives on all commonly used frequencies, so they can communicate with different agencies using the same radio. With its intuitive design and comfortable feel, the APX 8000H is made for the way your officers work.