Motorola Solutions Catalog

64 800-259-2929 WWW.ONELINKWIRELESS.COM PUBLIC SAFETY MOBILE RADIO ACCESSORIES Find the right microphone for the way you work – whether you’re delivering packages around town or transporting children to school. Choose from four different styles: PALM MICROPHONE Sturdy and durable microphone that provides basic push-to-talk functionality for dependable communications. KEYPAD MICROPHONE Access critical features directly on the microphone. Navigational buttons and a full keypad allow users to navigate radio menus, dial phone numbers and send text messages. Three programmable buttons are available for additional customization. HEAVY-DUTY MICROPHONES Heavy-Duty Microphone for users who want more durability, also ideal for those who need a larger microphone that is easier to handle when wearing gloves. TELEPHONE-STYLE HANDSET Ideal for users wanting to conduct private conversations. Ergonomically-designed, easy to hold. Includes cup and hardware. VEHICLE SOLUTIONS KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD AND YOUR HANDS ON THE WHEEL IMPRES VISOR MICROPHONE IMPRES technology optimizes audio communication despite the vehicle background noise. This small microphone mounts to vehicle’s visor for convenient hands-free radio operation and safety while in a vehicle. INSTALLATION AND MOUNTING ACCESSORIES CONTROL STATIONS, TRUNIONS, ALARMS, SWITCHES & CABLES EXTERNAL ALARM ACCESSORIES These accessories enable additional switching power when external accessories are attached. EMERGENCY SWITCHES Enables user to send emergency messages to desktop consoles where signaling unit ID number is displayed, and alarm is sounded. ADAPTER CABLES Allows mobile radio users to convert existing ASTRO Digital SPECTRA and ASTRO Digital SPECTRA Plus accessory cables for use with the XTL 5000 (ASTRO Control Heads). EXTENSION CABLES Allows user to extend microphone cord length. Mobile radios are often installed on the dash of a vehicle, and run off its power source. These accessories are available for mounting Motorola mobile two-way radios in vehicles.