Safety Reimagined with Orchestrate

Safety Reimagined
with Orchestrate

Focus On What Matters the Most.
Automate the Rest.

Simple, user-friendly and cloud-based business workflow automation tool that gives you the ability to configure and automate workflows that control your integrated technology ecosystem.

Orchestrate is a business automation engine for your ecosystem. It allows you to integrate disconnected processes, fully manage and optimize workflows and deliver a consistent response every time. The number and complexity of workflows can scale to meet the needs of your operations.

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Enterprise Cloud Platform

Cloud Platform

Detect and classify objects in challenging lighting/darkness or extreme environments such as weather, dust, debris, smoke or foliage.

Intuitive, Visual Rule Design

Intuitive, Visual
Rule Design

Optimizes compression levels for regions in a scene to help maximize bandwidth savings, helping to keep internet connectivity costs down.

Integrated Workflows


Automate digital workflows, from simple machine-assisted decision making to complex workgroup event management.

Safer Operations

Click on any of the industry icons below to immerse yourself in industry-specific use cases and experience safety from end-to-end.

Safe Airports
Safe Airports

The Intersection of Technology and Transportation

Safe Hospitals
Safe Hospitals

Leading-Edge Technologies for Hospitals on the Leading Edge

Safe Hospitals
Safe Hospitality

Ensure the Safety and Delivery of Exceptional Guest Experiences

Safe Manufacturing
Safe Manufacturing

Driving Production Forward with Smart, Integrated Technologies

Safe Schools
Safe Schools

Next-Generation Safety for The Next Generation

Safe Stadiums
Safe Stadiums

Keep Up with the Speed of Technology on One Unified Platform

Safe Utilities
Safe Utilities

The Connected Utility