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Below are some of the most popular siren, switches and speaker products and solutions from the manufacturers we represent. Please contact us for more information on all your options to fit your specific needs.

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Rumbler® Low-Frequency Siren for Police Vehicles

Federal Signal Siren

The Rumbler®, intersection-clearing system demonstrates the long-standing commitment of Federal Signal to continue as the technological leader in audible warning and operator safety. The Rumbler is particularly effective for Police and Fire/EMS applications when used in dense urban environments with heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Improves Intersection Warning Effectiveness
The Rumbler introduces a revolutionary new concept to audible warning through its ability to interact with most 100/200-watt siren amplifiers and provide secondary, low-frequency duplicate tones. Low-frequency tones have the distinct advantage of penetrating solid materials, allowing vehicle operators and nearby pedestrians to FEEL the sound waves.

Secondary System with Built-in Safety
The Rumbler system senses the primary siren tone signal, and reduces the signal's frequency by 75%. It then amplifies the sound through a pair of high-output woofers. The system’s timer allows the tone to sound for eight seconds, providing highly effective warning at hazardous intersections, and then automatically shuts off.

A complete Rumbler intersection-clearing system consists of an amplifier, with built-in timer and two subwoofers. Vehicle-specific mounting hardware is ordered separately. This system can be paired with most 100/200-watt emergency siren amplifiers.

  • Improves emergency vehicle operator safety.
  • Produces penetrating/vibrating low-frequency siren sound waves.
  • Interacts with most 100/200-watt emergency vehicle siren amplifiers.

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Sleek Design Meets High-Performance

Federal Signal Speakers

The DynaMax® /ES100C is a 100 W speaker designed to withstand the toughest conditions. The slim shape and lightweight design is ideal for most police car, fire truck and work truck applications. This speaker features the Federal Signal Neodymium driver for increased performance and reliability.

The DynaMax/ES100C housing is molded from composite plastic — 30% glass-filled PET (polyethylene terephthalate). This high-strength composite material provides good chemical resistance and maintains rigidity at high temperatures.

A variety of vehicle-specific DynaMax/ES100C mounting brackets are available to make installation simple.

  • 100-Watt compact speaker
  • Neodymium driver increases performance and reliability
  • Slim and lightweight

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SlSmartSiren® Platinum

Federal Signal Speakers

With the Federal Signal SmartSiren® Platinum, a programmable siren and light controller with a remote-mount control head, unmatched functionality is put right at your fingertips. An intuitively engineered remote control head puts at-a-glance command and control in your officer’s hands. A simple PC interface makes it easy to program one vehicle – or an entire fleet – from your laptop. Also, Federal Signal’s unique FS Convergence Network simplifies the lightbar installation with a plug-and-play connection to the controller and amplifier.

  • Programmable siren/light controller with remote-mount amplifier
  • Easy installation and programming
  • Incorporates FS Convergence Network technology to provide a high level of customizable control capability
  • “Plug-and-play” installation and programming software for easy configuration via laptop computer
  • Compatible with Ford Interceptor Switch Module