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Below are some of the most popular transport systems products and solutions from the manufacturers we represent. Please contact us for more information on all your options to fit your specific needs.

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Cargo Van Inserts

Havis Transport Solutions

Havis Prisoner Transport Systems easily convert cargo and passenger vans into heavy-duty inmate transports while ensuring officer and passenger safety. Offered in 80", 100" and 120" lengths and one to three compartment options, these inserts not only help transport people but can also be used for evidence or storage.

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Single Cell Prisoner Transport System

Jotto Desk Transport Solutions

The PI Utility (2020+) Single Cell includes the Front Divider, Center Divider, Passenger Side Window Armor & Door Control Covers, ABS Seat Cover and SCA Compliant Rear Cargo Barrier (CB4). The bottom 2/3 of the front divider and center divider is powder coated steel with a detachable HSEP for added prisoner foot room. We wanted to give officers a greater viewing angle of prisoners being transported, so the design was tweaked to increase the poly and reduce the steel. Additional support tubes were added to ensure the same level of rugged performance. The upper 1/3 is polycarbonate and has been designed to allow for prisoner viewing/interaction but not diminish drivers view out the rear view mirror. In fact, the visibility for an officer is nothing short of amazing. The ABS Bio Seat Cover offers the benefit of biohazard and contraband control with easy clean up when needed. Rather than "force" our customer to take product that they don't need, the Jotto Desk Single Cells comes with Window Armor and Door Control Covers for the passenger side only.