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For large scale outdoor or plant-wide signaling, Federal Signal manufactures high-powered outdoor giant-voice warning systems. Because each facility is unique, we offer a variety of indoor and outdoor sirens and controllers, intelligent systems and software solutions that can be customized for any application. 

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CommanderOne® is the latest innovation that allows you to connect with your most critical asset anytime, anyplace. The CommanderOne cloud-based platform enables you to monitor and control your warning sirens from any desktop or mobile device. It offers real-time data with actionable insights, enabling you to make important decisions quickly.

Features include:

  • Cloud-based Access from Any Computer or Mobile Device
  • Mobile App for iOS and Android Platforms
  • Weather Activation access to activate sirens based on weather-based polygons.
  • AccuWeather Patented Map-based Weather Alerting and Polygon Activation Technology
  • Auto-Sync HotKey, Manual and Map-Based Activation
  • Built-in Reporting Tools and Customizable Dashboards
  • Security - IPSEC over SSL with Multi-Layered Authentication

Federal Signal Intelligent systems is an IP based plant wide warning, alerting and industrial PA. Systems can be configured to cover the full range of industrial communication applications; start and dismissal, plant emergency evacuations, process control signaling, voice messages and public address.